The Grinch In February???

LOL so I totally found this on my memory card about a week ago. I was asked to do the Grinch's makeup for a Christmas party and had to practice. I figured the best way to see what I liked and what I didn't would be to film said "practice". There are quite a few things that I liked and for SURE some things I ended up not doing. No masks were allowed at the party and the guy playing the Grinch thought I was just going to do a few freckles on him. Little did he know....hee hee hee. So here I am in all of my Grinch glory. My camera died on me toward the end so it cuts off before I finish but I put some pictures in there of the final product. Hope you guys enjoy!!! BTW, what are you doing for Valentines Day???
Here's the guy that played the Grinch. He did an awesome job and never broke character! =)

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