Bat Those Lashes Ladies

Soooooo ever since I started wearing false lashes I can't seem to not add them to my every look. If I don't, it doesn't matter how big of a bow I wear, I feel like a man ha! Lashes, when done well, are feminine and beautiful and add that touvh of drama we all crave every now and then. I have always thought that the extensions were way too expensive and a touch too new to be done well every time. I have seen them be stunning but I have also seem them be an absolute MESS!!! Too feathery, too many, too few, crooked etc. To have to redo them constantly is also a discredit to them. For me, I am happy to buy my Demi Whispies from Sally's for $4 a month. I love that it takes me less time to throw them on than to do my mascara.  That all being said I do wish that I had been born with gloriously long lashes. How nice it would be to go swimming or take a shower not having to worry about damaging my lashes. I was SO excited then to hear from my good friend Nicole about a fantASTIC lash serum she had been using. Take it away Nicole:

 "I was in getting a pedicure one day and this girl next to me had the most amazing lashes. I complemented her on them and I expected her to say she had extensions in but instead she said she used this product "Nutraluxe lash md". She had tried latise and a few others but likes this one the best. So I went home and jumped on amazon and ordered it right away. When I received it I read, do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Great, I was pregnant then and I would be breastfeeding.... so it sat in my drawer for a year. It had a two year expiration on it and longer if never opened so I waited. I just finished nursing my baby back in the beginning of June. That day I busted this product out. It took about 4 weeks to see much difference, but then every month it keeps getting better it will reach its optimal results in another few weeks it said around 4 months. I have loved this product! Before I go to bed at night I take one swipe across my eyelid like a liquid eyeliner and that is it. I read so many reviews before I started it and a few mentioned it made their eyes more sensitive or red around the skin in the morning, but I have not noticed anything. I make sure I do not rub my eyes at night though. It has turned my almost non-existent lashes into full beautiful lashes. The lashes are much thicker, a little darker and way longer and curlier. I was about to get extensions too but they are pricey and you have to keep redoing them so I gave these a shot first. Your falsies look great, I can not get them on me without looking like a clown and I can never feel like they are secure enough. Here are some pictures of my miraculous before and after!"
Convinced??? I know I am enough to buy it and try it out! I am so excited to show you the results along the way!
Here is the link to where you too can find this great product.
I have ordered one for myself for Christmas as a stocking stuffer ; D. Are you going to order and try it??? Leave a comment!


Shantel said...

First of all, LOVE your blog, thanks for sharing your amazing talent. Was wondering what your opinion is on the clairsonic brush for washing your face, have you had experience with it or have any of your clients. I've heard it is great for skin with some acne.

Thanks, Shantel

Jen said...

Thanks Shantel for your comment. You are so sweet! =) I have not tried that one but I really like the Olay Pro-X brush for cleansing and exfoliating. It is cheaper than the Clarisonic brush by more than half! Also for treating skin with acne I am a huge fan of lemon juice (organic or straight from the lemon) and organic sugar. The alpha and beta hydroxy acids are MIRACLE workers when it comes to discoloration, acne, dark spots and even freckles =).

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