Sick Girl

Can I please tell you how amAZING New York was??? I absolutely loved every second of it and am so glad that we were able to go! Sadly upon our return I got very sick and I just couldn't function...enter the doctor saying I have strep. I have personally never been through this torturous illness before and am sorry to say I AM A WIMP!!!!! I have been in bed with no energy, feeling sore enough to think that maybe I have just run a marathon (go me!) and not able to even take care of my little boys. Thankfully I have a hubby that is 100% amazing and can occasionally work from home. Have you ever been through this awfulness? What made YOU feel better? HELP!!!!! *sniff* = (


susie said...

Hey Jen! New reader and unfortunately I have had strep several times and it is AWFUL! In addition to whatever antibiotics I had from the doctor, I would take either motrin or tylenol to help with the pain. As much as I wanted hot decaf green tea, it hurt too much. Colder drinks (milk, sugar free kool aid) seemed to be easier to drink. Saying lots of prayers for you! Feel better soon.

Unknown said...

Eek, so sorry to hear that you're sick! Strep is miserable (but obviously you know that now), and unfortunately there isn't much that can be done till the antibiotics kick in... there is a tea by Yogi (I think it's called Throat Comfort) that I have always found to be amazingly effective at killing a sore throat. I've never tried it with strep, but it might help!

Get well soon!!!


Jen said...

Thanks ladies! Love my readers and all of their support =). I can't WAIT to be done with this!!!

Sarah W. said...

I used to get strep all the time--you're not a wimp, it happens to everyone! I'm stuck in a half-conscious-fully-miserable state for four days. The antibiotics should kick in about twenty four hours after you take the first pill. Until then I recommend getting as much sleep as you can, and constantly staying on Tylenol or Advil. It will help with the fever and the achey feeling, but only if your doctor will let you take it with your meds. (: On the bright side, your tonsils are probably swollen to the point where you can't eat anything, so if you're like me you'll lose ten pounds! (If you're able to swallow, that's fantastic. I never can. My mom makes me a mug of basically broth that I sip on all day or a popsicle. The heat helps with the tonsil pain.)

Showers are nice too but you might not have the energy to stand. Maybe a bath? And the one thing I recommend is after you start feeling better, take a long shower(if you're like me, you'll have gone three or four days without one) and do your makeup, make yourself look pretty. It's commonplace to look like crap and I never feel better until I look like I'm feeling better.

I hope you feel better soon! I'm new but excited to read the blog, and I wouldn't wish strep on anyone. Sleep is best!

Jen said...

Sarah you are AMAZING!!!! Such good tips and advice! Yeah I was MISerable and for sure didn't shower for a spell cuz it was too exhausting! I never thought what strep would feel like with tonsils, so weird! I got mine out when I was 5 or 6 so those bad boys weren't around for the party HA! I did take your advice afterward and took THE longest shower known to man!!!! It was heavenly LOL =D.