Published...And A Giveaway!!!

Former stylist and Hollywood event producer Jet Moody (how much do you already love her based solely on her name?) contacted me wanting me to do a Q&A on makeup for her new site. I was ThRiLlEd and excited. Jet moved back to Utah not too long ago and was kind of sick about the fact that there really wasn't a site to inform ladies about all things fashion going on. Boutiques opening up, designer shows, up and coming artists and the like. Well thank heavens for HER right?!? ; D I was super excited about the idea of getting correct makeup concepts into the hands of readers. I mean isn't that what I do here on the blog? I'm by no means an expert. You're learning, I'm learning and well, that's just a happy place I think! I would love for you guys to go and check it out and tell me what you think!!! Will you??? Pretty please??? =D Here's the link: http://www.fashionutah.com/a-sit-down-with-classy-cosmetics/ 

ALSO!!!!!!!! I loved doing that cute tutorial with Kevin but ladies I am NOT about to tell him we have had not one SINGLE picture sent!!!!! I think his poor little feeling would be hurt. I am ALSO going to leave out the fact that I am now about to BRIBE you to send some in!!! You know that I absolutely aDORE my F80 foundation brush from Sigma. It buffs everything in so perfectly and holds a good amount so you actually use less.....once you experience your fist application (HA!).
So who will be the first to find an image that Kev needs to copy and send it to me? Send me a link, send me the actual pic to my email or pop the picture in the mail! =) This offer will go until I get at LEAST 5 pics to choose from. Help me out here ladies! I will keep you updated as to how many entries we get. I also never did my 1,000 subscribers giveaway and I have a HUGE makeup case to giveaway!!! Any of my readers in NY? I will be coming there the 9th-11th, yes NEXT WEEK!!! I'm so excited. My FIRST trip to the big apple!!!!! =D Okay, get to finding pictures. Send in as many as you want!


Katie Snyder said...

I would love to see Kev do the Kate Hudson look. Here is the link to the picture. http://www.askmen.com/celebs/women/actress_60/77_kate_hudson.html

I think she looks stunning in this photo.



Katie Snyder said...

I would love to see Kev do the Kate Hudson look. Here is the link to the picture. http://www.askmen.com/celebs/women/actress_60/77_kate_hudson.html

I think she looks stunning in this photo.



Unknown said...

I would love to see him do a horizontal layered, vibrant eye like this: https://www.makeupbee.com/look.php?look_id=55695

I think that it would be pretty easy to do, but have a huge impact!
(I'd love to have my hubby do this one for me as well!)
~Beth Ritzman

Tasha Watson said...

I made my hubby watch Kevin's makeup tutorial after I saw it myself the first time because it was so great! He insists that as a guy speaking for a fellow dude we must give your husband a fun option cause that's what would make it worthwhile and better to watch. So as requested by oh so hilarious better half we are submitting our option as the black swan look. Here's a link http://www.temptalia.com/black-swan-the-makeup-qa

Katie Clifford said...


I thought this one was pretty interesting! Thanks again for doing my makeup on Monday! I loved it!

Stacey said...

I would love to see this look!! http://pinterest.com/pin/140807925820855953/

Stacey said...

And this look!!

Stacey said...

found another one! :)

Jennifer Booth said...

Bribery always seems to do the trick! ;) Loved your interview with Jet btw - isn't she kind of the coolest person ever?

Some looks I'd love to see Kevin try:

This one is super simple, but I love the bright matte lip color and I've always had trouble applying them without looking kind of silly. I'd love to see how a non-make up expert tried it!

Okay, so this one is nail polish, not make up, but it still counts as beauty, right? I think it would be awesome to see a guy try to tackle nail art!

I've never quite been able to master the cat eye liner, but I'm going to opening night of the opera next weekend and would love to try this shadow/liner look, so a tutorial would be awesome!

This one is a bit more artistic than realistic, but I'd love to see a toned down, daytime appropriate version in a tutorial.

I'm so not a KStew fan, but I do love her hair and make up in this photo. Would love to see how the shadow could be re-created and what lip color to use to match this.

This look seems deceptively simple to me - the lip color a tad faded, the eye shadow strategically placed, the tiny hint of blush coming down from the temples - this look definitely took some work and art. Would love to see how the lip color in particular was done!

I can never figure out how to apply shadow like this without looking like a raccoon. Help!

Another super simple look, this time sweet and innocent. LOVE her lashes!

This look is a bit vampy, but I bet if you swapped the black lipstick for something in a deep plum or wine, it would be perfect for fall.

I wear thick rimmed glasses somewhat similar to this, and I've always had trouble with bold eye looks... and I've never been able to find a suitable tutorial. I especially love the combined bold eye and red lip here.

Okay, so I think that's enough for now... Can't wait to see the tutorial!!!