Crafty Crafty

Hi there! Are you ready for an unconventional post? YES??? Great cuz here comes one ; D. I am not a crafting queen per say but I sure do love doing it. I love stalking Pinterest for the next great idea to make my home more beautiful and more me. The holidays seem to make me go on a craft OVERload and I happen to LOVE it!!! I hosted a party last night and had SO much fun putting together giveaways and getting the house all "dressed up". I am thinking of doing a house tour since some of you have asked about our new home. It makes me feel good that you guys remember what's going on in my life and express interest so here's a big MMMUUUUAAAAHHHH to all of you for being so sweet =). In this video I talk about apothecary jar making, Halloween wreaths, what to do with styrofoam balls, treat bags, paper pin wheels and a few more odds and ends =). Here are a few pics of the things I made and the decor around the house. Enjoy! Let me know if you would want to see more of these crafty videos sprinkled in with makeup how tos.
The finished ghosts
darling yet spooky jugs of poison
 pens disguised as straws from the dollar tree
fun paper pinwheels
a warning to all
subway art above the cabinetry
apothecary jars
the other side ; )
Trick or Treat banner going up the stairs
fun table display in the entryway
The doors to Kevin's office (lots of taping newspapers went into this one)
also right outside Kev's office
our bed with the cute pillow I bought from Shelley
side table in the living room


Maren and Casey McDowell said...

I wrote a comment, but somehow it didn't publish! I love these crafts, super cute! I could never really get into Halloween decor for some reason, but Christmas is my forte so when that time comes you should totally post some more crafts!!!

Jen said...

I will for sure but you have to share too! =D I love being inspired by others and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. That must be why Pinterest is so popular =).