Shabby Apple, Who Doesn't Love A Sale?!?!?

Have you ordered from Shabby Apple yet? I absolutely LOVE the skirt that I got from them earlier this year and canNOT stop wearing it. I was sooooo wanting to be on trend with these cute skirts that had enormous bows on them. Whats more is that bows were all the rage for the Kate Spade for fashion week in NY! Yay, another reason to wear my perfect skirt HA!
Not only does Shabby have adORABLE skirts but they have whimsical, sophisticated, smart, playful...oh the list could go on and ON about their dresses! Here are a few of the top sellers right now:
Alice, the Red Queen, I'm Late! I'm Late!
Ingrid, Elizabeth Islands, El Capitan

I am SALivating over all of the Alice In Wonderland inspired dresses. I imagine coral lips for the Alice dress then ruby red for the other two in the collection. I love the use of bright cheeks on the model don't you? SO perfect for the theme! A dear friend of mine bought the El Capitan dress and is SO stunning in it. Shabby knows of my regard for them and as a special treat they are offering Classy readers a special deal for today and tomorrow only! 10% SITE WIDE!!!!!! That's right ladies, any and everything!!! Just type in your promo code: favorite 10. I am soooo excited to share this with you and to see what you get! Leave me a comment telling me what top three dresses you would buy from Shabby if someone handed YOU a blank check ; D. 

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