Survival Of the Brushless

There I was without a brush in the world....okay so maybe two that were in my kit. I was in NEED of some serious makeup and had become SO reliant on those beautiful brushes of mine that I didn't know WHAT to do!!! As most of you know we moved in to our new house not more than a month ago (I sweat just thinking about it) and wanted to have a housewarming party. The day came and we were almost done with at least five projects and the cleaning was going reeaally well. I LOVE a nicely polished home!!! The party was fantastic, the food good the company GREAT! Not a week later and our newly cleaned home was tarnished........TARNISHED I tell you!!!!!! Along with every single room, all draperies, home decor, clothes...oh just EvErYtHiNg, my brushes were also among the dusty dusties that were our belongings. This happened Saturday, it is now Wednesday night and I am STILL cleaning *sigh*. I even had to clean my wall ladies!!! Anyhoo, out of this experience came a few great things. One being that if my husband were to see a $250 AC bill then he wouldn't care since he would pay DOUBLE that rather than clean up the way we had to. Second, it was kind of fun to be a little inventive! = ) You really can see what you are made of in these kinds of situations. Enough of my ranting and raving...ENJOY this silly albeit applicable tutorial ; D.

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