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I am LOVING Summer but I am also 1000% overwhelmed by all that is going on in said season. The boys are out of school (a given) and LOOKING for adventure!!! I'm sure it's out there but we are now one WEEK away from our dream home being completed and I feel as though I am in charge of it all!!! My husband has been SO bogged down at work that he has YET to pack one box! Poor guy, I'm sure he really wants to (; D) HA! Well after getting off the phone with my mother (her being calm, me being stressed to capacity) she texts me to check my email and THERE right in front of my eyes is her TRAVEL itinerary!!!!!!! Bless her heart she came and for three glorious (exhausting) days we packed and packed and PACKED. Now, because of her, my kitchen, bedroom, the boys' room, the office, bathrooms and laundry room are ALL packed and ready for the movers. 
 Here is the garage all organized with boxes labeled and ready to be taken. It was SO disorganized before and now there is so much more room to bring out more boxes!
(The view of one of the first fires from our soon to be finished house)
 Another fire sprung up while she was here. This time in Alpine, Utah. This one started from construction work.
 Our bedroom packed up.
I was so humbled and grateful for her service and how upbeat she kept me. With all of that going on plus wanting to play with the boys, aid any and everyone affected by the Utah fires (there have been many), doing makeup AND plan and execute a dear friend's wedding reception I have found little to NO time to blog!!!
 For that I am sorry but I think I have found a solution. I want to hear what YOUR fav tutorial is and we will play "Do You Remember the Time" (anyone else singing Micheal in there heads?) Just shoot me an email of what tutorial you have found either the most helpful, the most fun, the most silly WHATEVER and I'll post it. Ladies this would be a HUGE help to me and I think fun for all of us to look back =). Plus the more I know of what helps you the more tutorials I can do in the future LIKE those!!! It's really a win win if you think about it ; ). WELL, I already have my first "write in" and it comes from my darling friend Jenny (okay so I twisted her arm!) J/K Here is what she wrote and it can be an example for ya of what to do =).

Hey Jenni, So this was SUPER hard! When you asked me to find my favorite tutorial and write why, I thought, "oh sure, nothing easier!" Yeah, boy was I wrong. There are so many good ones to choose from because, as you know, your blog is my favorite! Before I tell you which one is my absolute favorite, I wanted to give a shout out to some of my other favorites- the Summer Look for Blue Eyes, the Elizabeth Taylor look, and the Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye are the runners-up because they're amazing and fun to view But this is the tutorial I LOVE to watch, and I come back to it all the time because it shows how versatile makeup can be, and how a basic knowledge of colors can really get your eyes popping with an amazing array of color and depth! This is such a beautiful use of eye shadow; using colors that I would NEVER before thought to blend together. It's gorgeous! WOOT and double WOOT to you!
"How to use Vibrant MAC Colors"- 

 (its on my favorites bar, of course)

Love your blog, again. I've always loved wearing makeup (I started in 5th grade) and your blog has taught me SO much and inspired me so many times to step out of the box with my eye shadows and get creative! Besides that, I never would have found the wonderful Demi Wispies without your amazing help, not to mention all the other skin tricks I've learned just from spending time on your blog!

Thanks for this opportunity!

Thanks Jenn!!! Now it's all of your guys' turn to send in some favs. Can't wait to hear from you!!! Either leave a comment or email me at dollcosmetics@gmail.com

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Jordan said...

I have three loves. First, the peacock tutorial because of the gorgeous colors. Second, the olive green eye because it helped me learn how to do green without looking like I've been punched in the face. Third (and most helpful), the hot summer smokey eye. For some reason that tutorial made the smoky eye click for me so I could finally be successful with that look. Thanks for the help!