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It's about stinkin TIME!!! We were supposed to move about the 7th of July so naturally, we have all been packed up since the 5th. Living out of boxes is SO not fun!!! But guess what? {insert whispering voice} the movers are scheduled for TOMORROW!!!!!! I am so giddy I just can't stand it HA! Am I giddy to be moving for the 13th time in 8 years? NO! Could it maybe be that we have put our heart and soul into this home we have built, thinking of eVeRyThInG we have liked and disliked in past living places? YES!!! I reeeaaallllyyyy hope this means no more moving and that we will stay there till we DIE!!! I love the colors, the flow, the space, the lighting, the view, the location....how much time do ya have ; )? Keep telling me your favorite tutorials and why? What did you learn from it? What made it a fav? I will be super busy the next few weeks with moving and unpacking! On a side note, I am happy to say that I will be starting up classes again here soon. Beauty Basics, Brush 101, Lip Colors and MORE!!! Same fun, different address =). Happy Summer!!!

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