Blush Palette Tutorial

Okay so y'all know I am in LOVE with the Coastal Scents Blush Palette right?!?!? Well if NOT...now ya know! I use this bad boy every single day and just keep finding more ways to use it. I figured why not do a look where almost eVeRyThInG comes form it? I know lots of ladies are way into the Naked Palette and having that be their travel companion but I would MUCH rather take this palette. I can use the brown to contour AND fill in my brows, the blush can be used for shadow, cheek color (obviously) AND lip stain...betcha didn't see that one comin! In this tutorial you'll see how to use this versatile palette to create a soft, romantic everyday look AND learn how to turn blush into lip color. Hope you enjoy it!!!


Anonymous said...

I love this tutorial! Now I need to get this pallet!

Els said...

I love this!! You sold me on this pallet!!

Jamie Harkness said...

LOOVE this palette, I'm so glad you did a tutorial on it!