Yay Anniversary!!!

My darling husband and I just celebrated our 8 year anniversary last weekend. It was officially on the 7th but for what he had planned we put it off till Friday and Saturday. I woke up Friday morning to my "schedule" for the day. I was SO excited, I'm sure I squealed a little (ha!). Here is what it looked like front and back (anyone else having a Ross from Friends moment? FRONT AND BACK!) My first adventure would be to get my hair done by the lovely Jenn Scott (you'll be seeing more of her soon). My husband LoVeS my hair down but since I am NOT good at doing hair he never sees it down. Then I went to get my nails done but was about 15 min late, the lady threw a tissy fit and I just backed away slowly. Was annoyed at the time but I had some errands to run anyway so it turned out well. Little Branson had a Mother's Day brunch planned for me so I went home to get makeup on...what would I BE without it ; D?

Soon I was ready for my special date with my Mr. B. It was SO darling!!! They sang songs, recited poems and served delicious chicken salad sandwiches. I was so proud of my little man my heart was just bursting! All the kids gave us their treasures that they had been working on for two weeks and were just the perfect hosts. I had personally never been to a better preschool soiree. After hugs and kisses (since I knew I wouldn't be seeing him till late the next day) Kev and I were off to pack up for our fun time together. We were soon heading up to Salt Lake to check into our hotel and to shop at the Gateway *SQUEAL*!!! He had worked so hard at getting a website done at work that they gave him a very sizable gift card to that particular mall and he gave it all to me...sniff...I was so touched and VERY ready to shop! LOL =D
We hit Forever 21, Z Gallerie, Urban Outfitters, Down East, Ann Taylor and loads of boutiques. I was quite literally in heaven. Dinner was also divine. Kev and I both worked the 10 year anniversary for the Olympics and were treated to some great spoils. One of which was a $100 gift card to the decadent restaurant Flemmings. We went to drop off all of our/my bags at the hotel and when they learned it was our anniversary and that we would be dining there they gave us a card for a free appetizer!!! This was SUCH an awesome trip =). Here I am before our wonderful meal was seved.
This was our appetizer. Filet Mignon served SUPER paper thin with mint, capers and egg crumbled on top. You took it and placed it on the cheese beget slices....SO yummy!!!!!
 I opted for stake and Kev for pasta and at the end of our meal they brought us out truffles with a Happy Anniversary card and a $25 gift card to come back. I was so impressed with the service and the overall experience that I would LOVE to go back sometime soon...hint hint honey ; ).
 When we were stuffed to almost full capacity (had to save room for popcorn at the movies, my FAV!) we decided to walk around and shop a little more before our movie. We saw Dark Shadows which btw was the DUMBEST movie ever made!!!!
Sorry to be so blunt but I wanted to walk out SO many times but stayed with the small hope that maybe maybe it would get better....it did not. We left with minimal brain cells left and headed to our hotel. I LOVE walking at night with my cute hubby just us. It feels like we are dating again and I get all giggly around him and his cute dimples. When we got all in our comfy comfies ready to hit up Netflix for a few episodes of Chuck, Kev said he had one more surprise for me. I had NO idea what he had up his sleeve but he made me sit on the couch and close my eyes. I heard the ruffling of bags and then something being placed on the ottoman in front of me. He told me to open my eyes and there before me in it's PERFECT entirety was our home.
 Well, the floor plan anyway and ALL of our furniture scaled perfectly for me to see what would fit where. WELL WHO NEEDED CHUCK ANYWAY?!?!? I played with my little "dollhouse" for at least an hour and was happy to see the boys beds fitting in their rooms where I wanted them to. It was SO fun to move around the couches and end tables too. Oh the simple joys that come from thoughtful presents. I love you Kev and am so happy we are together!!! Here's to many more years of laughs, love, memories and life. Have you ever been blown away by a significant other? An amazing date? Proposal? Anniversary? Tell me about it!!!


Think Positive and SMILE! said...

Genevieve here! You look FABULOUS, as usual! I like your long hair!

SD92 said...

Congrats! I know I'm a little late! And I must disagree, Chuck is always needed :) And thanks for the little review on Dark Shadows - I will definitely steer clear of it now! :)