Mother's Day Giveaway Winner!

 I was BEYOND frustrated till about...well maybe I still am a touch. Blogger wasn't letting me post this at the time I wanted to (10). I realized, like a FOOL, that I was logged into two different accounts and that's why it wouldn't work. So ALL user error on my part there friends, sorry!!! But I did want to post the winner that was chosen by Random.org, as always. This time good ole "random" chose..... 
Just email me at dollcosmetics@gmail.com and let me know where your mom would like her $25 gift card to and her address so she can get her special gift by Mother's Day =). Congrats to your mom and to YOU for having such a great one! ; ) Be sure to celebrate your mom's this Sunday and let them know how grateful you are for the wonderful things that they do!!! I'll be off this weekend to celebrate our 8th anniversary with the hubs but I will for SURE be back to get cute little homemade cards from my two little men =). I also wanted to give a shout out to my dear friend Shalee who just had her FIRST little smooshy just in time for Mother's day, YAY!!! Here is a shot of her maternity pictures where yours truly did the makeup. 
He is here now, a doll and I love him already! Can't wait to hear the name they settle on =). Now this is what Emily had to say about her cute mom:

I think I have the best mother in the world! She raised 5 wonderful (slightly rebellious :)) kids, and has a dozen beautiful grandchildren, whom she can't seem to get enough of. However, she doesn't look nearly old enough to even be a grandmother! On top of that she built her own quilt pattern business called Cotton Way, and has been enjoying it's success for almost 21 years! And working her buns of every one of those years. Now she has even designed fabric lines for Moda! She is such a busy woman, and she seems to balance everything in her life with such grace. She's loves her business, but family always came first. She's supported us in all that we do, and always puts others needs before her own, and I think she deserves a little pampering all to herself! 

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