Smokey Golds

Here it is, dare I say this will be a fav of mine for a loooong while. I saw something on Pinterest and I was like, yeah, I haven't done fun dramatic looks in a while. Well they are COMIN back y'all...am I southern? Enjoy and don't forget to enter the smokey eye palette giveaway!!!

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Tracy said...

Just tried this today and LOVVVED it. Of course, I did some things differently -- I do not have mac cosmetics on hand, and so I used Wet n Wild and L.A. Colors instead. I also applied a (slightly smudged) cat eye, since I do not have any falsies on hand.

I've done smokey eyes before, but with an extremely light hand and NEVER in black. I'm very pale, with small eyes/eyelids and do not have the benefit of dark hair to make dark eyeshadow 'match' easily. So for me to use black eyeshadow, and then rim my bottom eyelashes with it?! Crazy talk.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you inspire me to do things I would normally never do. Which is what makeup is all about, right?!