My Fav Sigma Brushes

Sigma has some of the most affordable brushes and I love the quality. I use them in countless videos and have had SO many people ask me about them and which ones are my favorite. I figured that I can tell all of you in one mass post =).

I would have to say first and foremost the most used brush I have is the Sigma E40. It is comparable to the #224 from MAC and SO much cheaper! The only thing I have noticed with the E40 that is different is that when I clean it and wipe it on my cleaning cloth the color bleeds a touch. NOT enough to keep me from buying FOUR MORE!!! ; )
MAC #224: $30.00
Sigma E40: $11.00
Next, the brush that every girl should have at least 5 of? The Sigma E25 which is comparable to the #217 from MAC. I only have the trial size of this brush. It is usually the gift that comes when you spend $30 or more dollars at Sigma aaaand since I always do I have quite a few of these bad boys. Get ready for THIS price comparison! 
MAC 217: $22.50
SIGMA E25: (full size) $9.00!!!
I happen to ADORE this next brush!!! It is SO soft and deposits powder on your skin like a massage. I am ALWAYS getting remarks from clients when I use this brush on them. They say things like,"I could just fall asleep right now!" {insert giggle} I feel so sneaky using my secret weapon on everyone. I can't wait to get another one!!! It is the Sigma F20, behold it in all of it's glory. I should have put my hand in there or something to show how truly large and in charge it is!
MAC #134: $52.00
Sigma F20: $22.00
I have been SO impressed with the Sigma line and the quality of their brushes. They are double clamped on the handles, just like MAC's to ensure the strength of the bond of the bristles and the fennel. The metallic piece is also seamless which is a huge indicator of quality. Some of their brushes are double cut and some single cut just like MAC. I say give them a try and see what you think. During this month the free gift you get when you spend $30 is an awesome eyeliner brush. I just ordered two foundation brushes and will be getting that free gift. Can't WAIT!!!!! Have you tried Sigma? What do you think? Would you like to write a review on YOUR fav brushes? Send me your thoughts to dollcosmetics@gmail.com or leave a comment. Have a happy day and be sure to look for my upcoming tutorial...the Girl On Fire!!!

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