Sultry Summer Look

It has been really hot here lately and I have LoVeD basking in the sunlight. I get super tan in the summer and reeeaaalllly white in the winter time. I have always loved my how my makeup looks on my tan skin so much more so TIME to play!!! I wanted to accentuate my newly (and only lightly) tanned skin with a bit of smolder. I wore this look to a recent baby shower and one of the goers asked me to do a tutorial on it =). Enjoy!


Fancy said...

Just followed your FB page! I love your summer look, might try it tomorrow!! <3

Tracy said...

Today the forecast for northeast Ohio is snow, so it's nice to know at least SOMEONE is getting nice weather.

I personally think it'd be awesome to do a Q&A. I think you offer something different than a lot of other bloggers because your message about makeup is much more free-spirited, and you employ a "there are no rules to makeup" philosophy that is much less intimidating to beginners than the more rigid protocol of bloggers who use Mac palettes and $60 brushes named like Star Wars robots. You sit there and explain your brush (fluffy, compact, etc), and more importantly explain WHY you are using that particular brush. Invaluable information for someone like me who is just learning the ropes.

Anyways, a very long winded explanation to provide you with the following: since you take the time to explain, I believe it provides people with more questions, because you are engaging them. I know I have (makeup-related) questions!

Jessica said...

So now is your next video going to be a good outdoor summer look? ;)

Anonymous said...

I am loving your blog! I just found it tonight, but can't get enough! I love this look, and can't wait to try it out!