JC Photography Winner

Thank you to all those that entered our fabulous JC Photography giveaway! I am so pleased to have them as a sponsor and just adore Janelle as an individual =). Of course only one person is allowed to win so let's get to announcing shall we??? And {remember when teachers would constantly nag you not to start a sentence with "and"? Well HA! Look at me now!!!...stay in school kids) the winner iiiiissssss..........ALICE H!!!!!!!!!!
Alice H said...
I liked JC Photography (and Classy too!) on facebook - I'm Alice Demske Hansen there. Thanks!
March 16, 2012 11:12 AM
Congrats Alice!!! I am so excited for you and love that you are going to be able to get those newborn pictures you so desperately wanted =D. I have your contact information and will pass it over to JC Photography. She will contact you and set up you shoot! YAY winning!!!!! More chances to win as you keep "liking" Classy on FB! Our next prize, to refresh memories is:
YAY awesome scarves and Votre Vu skin care!!!

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Alice H said...

OH MY WORD! I am so happy. Thank you for the contest. This totally made my week!