Who's Your Favorite?

American Idol is under way for it's next season and from what I hear there seems to be no lack of talent....and humiliation. I have long since stopped watching the show but LOVE to blast the radio on long and short car rides and belt it out with my favorite singers. Tell me I'm not alone!!! In honor of yet another nationwide search for more vocal talent I wanted to post my favorite singers and, in my opinion, some of my favorite makeup looks of theirs. Comment to which is YOUR favorite look and I'll do a tutorial on it =)!
The classic red lip, gorgeous lashes, effortless style, class and bombshell blonde hair. How can I NOT love her!!!!!

Love her, hate her (how could you) or think she's full of cheese, THIS girl has some PIPES!!!!! Whenever I think of Celine Dion I think of someone that no matter how high they are going (not wise) I am NEVER cringing to see if she'll hit it. She's amazing and I would LOVE to see her in concert...insert me hinting to my hubby ; ).
This girl has had so many ups and downs but I LOVE dancing and singing to her songs. Look at that natural glow!
I fell in LOVE with this look from Burlesque. I bet you didn't know this but I actually sound just like her when I'm singing. Oh yeah, you can too! Just turn her up to the absolute max and just mouth every perfect note ; ). I always feel so badly on American Idol when someone picks a song of hers...it's just sad = (.
I aDORE Roisin Murphy's music! Chances are you like her too. Do you wtch So You Think You Can Dance? Remember Ramalama? Yup, that's her. Wade Robson uses her a lot too aaaannnndddd since I love HIM, well there you go. I wanted to put one a little off the wall and fun up and you can always count on Roisin for that!


Karina said...

Ruby Blue! is my fav song from Roisin Murphy, after watching a choreo on SYTYCD. the kids and me belt it out when that song comes up in the car!. I really would love to come talk to you about a couple of things.. I need a good concealer.. I am running out of mine and decided that I am done with the baggy eyes and then I need Zumba make up lol.. I need bright make up that doesn't smear when I sweat :) especially for the eyes :)

Jen said...

LOL..."You betta STOP! And try to THINK!" LOVE that one too Karina!!! Okay, we need to talk concealer and Zumba. Stop me on Sunday. I'll be in the nursery by the mothers lounge = ).

My Life With Books - Jennifer K Jovus said...

gwen's look! :) Gotta love those lips.

Tracy said...

You could try for Adele's signature hair (you know, the hair bump and perfectly coiffed side ponytail). And then you should teach me!

Also, her eye makeup is always gorgeous, and might be a fun tutorial. :)

Jenny said...

I love Gwen's look! Can a brunette pull that off??

Unknown said...

Thats funny you were struck by Christina's look in Burlesque because that whole seen spoke to me.Makeup, dress, song,hair the whole bit. One of my fave movies. I have wanted to pull that look off since i seen it.