Shabby Apple Holidays

Shabby Apple has to die for fashion. I can't help but peruse up and down their online "aisles" of gorgeous dress after gorgeous dress. My blog is appropriately named Classy Cosmetics since I would love nothing more than to have all aspects of my life be deemed as such. Classy! Makeup, hair, speech, clothing, demeanor, all of it. Sometimes I feel as if Shabby has jumped right into my head and produced my thoughts exactly. Their bathing suits during the Summer are perfect, their Spring dresses are casual, cool and retro, the Fall line is always structured and berry colored and the Winter always brings class!!! This black number might be on my Christmas list now and hopefully my hubby will come through. It makes me think of old Hollywood glamour infused with modern day whimsy. Right now at Shabby you can enjoy FREE shipping for this WHOLE month. Yes, that means my hubby better get ON it!!!!! =)

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