Cindy Lou and Martha May Too

Here's a funky look inspired by a request that I got. 
Someone's was having a Whoville themed Christmas Party and I liked that a lot!
I looked all through pictures to come up with a look
but alas could not find just the right one,
not even in a book.
So I thought and I pondered just what would I do
Then it came to me! I would not do just one Who....but TWO!!!
That's right not just one Who would do for today
so a new Who was born, her name? "Cindy May"
or Martha Lou? Cindy Martha? Lou May?

I think I'll need to better hone my Who skills especially since I keep saying and writing Betty Lou instead of Cindy. Oh Jen... but you get the picture =D. Merry Christmas!!! What are YOU doing this year to keep you from being the Grinch?


Rochelle said...

When tried clicking on the video but it says its private.

Ashley said...

@Rochelle: Yep - same here!!

Jen said...

Should be fixed now. Sorry! =)