Sally the Rag Doll

Sally the Rag Doll from Tim Burton's the Nightmare Before Christmas is a fav of mine for Halloween. I love the look and the costume is just as fun! Here is my spin on the look and an option for you this Halloween. Our third annual Halloween Contest is coming up soon!!!


Julie Brizzee said...

hey jen! haven't been on here in ages, but saw your sally tutorial - loved it - haha...and wondered if you saw my nightmare before christmas cake that i did a couple weeks ago. it would be a smashing hit with your costume. i have it on my page, "cakes by julie brizzee" on facebook. anyway, hope you are well. cya. did you hear that shaun and sariah are pregnant? so happy for shaun.

Unknown said...

This is such a great idea! I've been checking out for Halloween makeup ideas that i can use this halloween and this is really nice. Thanks for sharing!