July Favorites...Or Favorite

I have just one love this month. But it is for sure true love! As most of you know I have used, for quite some time now, my beloved Nicole Miller Bronzer. I adored the deepness of the color and the tone (not to mention I had three of them and waste not, want not. Although the shimmer did bother me somewhat it wasn't enough for me to abandon it and seek out a new one. That is until I got an email saying there was a sale for Urban Decay online and so naturally I went to take a peek. I went straight to primers since I was getting low on it and somehow was swept into another "aisle".......bronzer! I had heard about the matte bronzers from UD and knew they had to be great so why not just try? I took the plunge and ordered one in Toasted. I HAVE USED NOTHING ELSE SINCE THIS BAD BOY GOT HERE!!! I love it! The color is perfect for me, the contouring is awesome, I use it to warm up a smokey eye...there are JUST no limits to this thing! I feel it's a must for summer (matte bronzer that is) with a touch of highlighting shimmer just above and will do wonders during the winter time by itself for contouring. Are you RuNnInG yet to your local Sephora??? Grab one and you WON'T be sorry!!!!!

What were your favorites for July? What have you been using? Share a comment below or email me =).

P.S. I have missed you all! I miss hearing from you as frequently I'm glad to have had the chance to take a step back but even more overjoyed to be stepping back in =). Love to all!


Unknown said...

This is what I use!! I'm OBSESSED. I love it so much. ANd I think it's going to last awhile too compared to other bronzers! Love it.

Lisa Whitlock said...

I just ordered this exact bronzer today after my Clinique bronzer fell apart and it was over half full. I am excited to get this and use it for the first time. Thanks for all of your helpful tips and advice. I am also ordering the Naked pallette, perfect for summer and busy mom on the go! Love you and your website!!

Lisa said...

I can't seem to find this bronzer anymore. Did they discontinue it? Do you have another replacement rec? I loved this and am quite sad it's gone!