CRAZY Weekend!!!

So I am doing great in Utah, I really am, I love it.......but I ADORE Portland and have missed it greatly. It's quirky, unexpected, fun, artistic and fits me like a glove. I was so happy to travel back this weekend for some great times and photo shoots. Friday was packed with rushing from the flight to grab my rental car. Side note, look really cute and somewhat "lost" and the boys behind the counter will pretty much give you anything you want =). Isn't it cute???
I was so pleased with my cute little ride and rushed off to my first appointment....shopping with my dear friend Nicole!!!!! I had missed her so much and it was so great to hit up our favorite haunts and eat yummy food. The next morning I awoke at the crack of dawn to bid farewell to Nicole and head out on the road to the wedding. The bride was lovely and her bridesmaids charming. They were all so beautiful it made my job super easy.
 Next I went straight to the airport to catch my flight down to California. My "who did you sit by" companion was Mary. A lovely woman from Sacramento who had just been visiting her daughter and very first grandson. We chatted and laughed talking about babies and my life when I lived in Siberia. We walked out together, rushing somewhat as I had to get home quickly and she had to pick up her cute pup before the kennel closed. I was then met by a tall dark and handsome man that I lovingly refer to as Dad and we rushed to my childhood home to get my little sister ready for her Senior Ball.
 It was wonderful to spend time with my family and meet some smooshy nieces and nephews I had not yet met. That night my Dad took me and my sisters-in-law, my grandmother and great grandmother, in from Hawaii, out to our fav restaurant where we just sat for hours eating, talking, laughing...it was a dream. I left the following evening and was lucky in my travels again in the "who did you sit by" category. Lovely Christine was my companion on this leg of the trip and we talked as if we had known each other for years. Her daughter was off doing service in New Zealand and was named Jen as well. Unfortunately it was SUPER windy upon arrival and we had to circle for what seamed like FOREVER in gusts of wind in a tiny plane. Needless to say I enjoyed the lunch my mother so lovingly made for me before I left but didn't keep it down. Christine, you are a beautiful soul and I thank you for the patience and grace under fire that you exuded =). YUK! I am now home, safely on the ground, in my pjs still and about to take a nap!Just wanted to fill you in on some fun times and leave you with some glow wisdom that I thought was pretty appropriate =).
 Whether your next flight is 2 or 12 hours, here’s what to do to keep looking fresh on board and when you land:
  • Slick on a thick layer of lip balm as soon as you board the plane. Sticks can be waxy and drying, so look for a balm in a tube or pot. My new favorite is Lavanila's Healthy Lip Shine, which contains apricot, jojoba, and sunflower oils and shea butter. I’m also a fan of Kiehl's Coconut Scented Lip Balm, as well as Aquaphor, which you can find in any drugstore. For a little natural color, dab on a bit of lipstick (not a thick layer) first. The color will stay on even when you reapply the balm.
  • Carry a lubricating nose spray. Dry, stale airplane air can irritate sensitive nasal passages, especially if you have allergies or you're recovering from a cold. And there's nothing worse than getting a nosebleed at 30,000 feet in cramped quarters. Look for a nonmedicated saline solution like Ocean Nasal Spray (available at drugstores).
  • Pack moist towelettes to wipe off oil and makeup before you land. It's impossible in the plane's closet of a bathroom to wash your face with one hand while pressing the faucet with the other. Basis So Refreshing Facial Cleansing Cloths are individually wrapped and contain aloe, chamomile, and green tea extract.
  • Keep everything in a small Ziploc bag in the outside pocket of your carry-on for easy visibility and access.

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