Naked Pallette

Another J-Lo look but you knew this was coming =). I wanted my first look from this pallette to be her and I LOVE this look but H.A.T.E my camera and how it isn't HD. It doesn't pick up the colors like I would like and I am SO in the market for another!!!


Els said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I wasn't going to purchase the naked palette but now... I think I have to! :)

ehinks21 said...

I finally caved and ordered it as soon as it was back in stock at Sephora. It was just shipped today! Yay!


Unknown said...

you are awesome!!! loved the video tute and the look is amazing... i think i will try it today! JLo has the best make up right?! i swear i watched idol 75% to see what she was doing with her make-up!


Leah Petersen said...

Love this tutorial!! Thank you!! AND I soooo want to buy the naked palette...bad!


Shaila said...

LOVE THIS!! Thank you for posting! Love the Naked palette, and now I have a great way to use it!