Quick Looks Green & Pink

 If you'll notice I have one pink and one green eye. The fun never stops here! Hope everyone is having a fabulous March! I wanted to do more looks utilizing the 88 palette because there really are SO many different combinations. The possibilities are ENDLESS!!! =)


Sarah Bonn said...

Jen, I've really been loving watching your tutorials. This one is no exception, but it does lead me to a question. Do you follow any rules about the overall hue of your eye shadows in relation to your clothes? I.E. Do you stick with neutrals on your eyes when your clothes are bright and vice versa? Do you do contrasting colors or do you go matchy-matchy?
With a few exceptions of occasional "colors" on my eyes when I wear neutral colored clothes, I've been wearing the same purple-ish/gray-ish/brown-ish color set since my grandma took me to Mary Kay (or Merle Norman?) for my 15th birthday - 17 years ago. I just have NO clue! HAHA!

Lissa said...

I love that you're doing drugstore finds this month! I've been loving the ELF line (I get it at Target but not sure if it's everywhere?). It's so super cheap that I was super skeptical of whether it was even worth the $1 (seriously) for most of their products. But I have found some major faves. Their Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Mascara is now my go-to eyebrow gel. It's really, really great and SUPER cheap at $1 each. You can find it here: http://www.eyeslipsface.com/elf/eyes/mascara/wet_gloss_lash_and_brow_clear_mascara. I've been wondering though: does your brow gel get all "gunked" with foundation/powder? Seems like mine turns beige after a week or two and I'm wondering if I should be cleaning the brush before I put it back in the bottle. Anyway, LOVE your blog! Keep up the great work!! :)

Jen said...

Sarah, thanks for loving me (LOL TOTALLY kidding =D) & following and great question! YES!!! The color wheel theory works on clothing as well. If I wear a deep navy dress then I will play around with purples, light or dark. It will not necessarily make your clothes "pop" since it is further away from your eyes but it for SURE compliments. Does this mean that it's a RULE and you HaVe to wear opposite colors? NO!!! You can wear anything you want if you love it and rock it! I do a lot of prom girls and they all want to be matchy to their dresses. I talk to them about color theory a touch and then they always change their minds. I hardly EVER match eye shadow to their dress. I used to and it was a huge mistake! I shudder to think...(insert shudder).

CraftyLissa, thank you for your sweet words =). YES! My wand does that as well. I don't stress about it at all since it's my own personal bottle. I figure since I use it on hair and I color my hair I figure it's inevitable. When I use my other tube on clients I use a new spooly (wand thingy) every time.