So sweet Jenni was kind enough to inform me that I have been M.I.A. for quite some time and that I left you lovely ladies hanging without results of some products I had been testing. So...
First: Let me just say... I apologize for leaving you hanging on the results of the tested products.
Second: I am totally going to give you my good excuses for being gone so long:

1: I was traveling around working for Lancome, doing makeovers and training counter ladies.
2: I'm pregnant, and therefore getting huge and tired, and still chasing after my two little nuggets who are 2 and 4.
3: Every time I watched a video I made, I cringed and felt incredibly stupid (I.E. "Ugh... why did I make a video when I looked so bad?" "Why do I do that weird thing with my mouth when I'm nervous?" "I sound like a man.").
Third: I hope those were good enough excuses, and I hope you forgive me.
Fourth: Here is my long forgotten review on.....
*Excuse the makeup in this picture. I was tired, swollen, & just not in the mood to do any. Just try to focus on the hair. :) *

So.... I LOVE IT!! I really feel like the Osmotics hair care line really has given my hair more volume, more thickness, and has made it healthier, softer, and shinier.
The shampoo really cleansed my hair and the great thing about it is that it does not contain sodium lauryl sulfates which dry and irritate the scalp.
The conditioner really makes the hair soft and manageable but does not contain heavy oils or waxes that leave the hair limp and dull.
The serum is the nice little cherry on the top, that really gives your hair A+ results!
Basically, for those wanting to help their lack luster fine locks.... these are a great buy!!
As I said in the video ages ago....
You can purchase these products at either your local Dillards (if they carry it), or online at www.dillards.com.
The Shampoo is $24.00, the Conditioner is $26.00, and the Serum is $69.00.
You can also purchase them straight from the company online at www.osmotics.com. Right now they are having a Stock up Sale and if you Buy 3, you get 1 free.
Anyway, that's the review, sorry I neglected you ladies for so long. Have a great day, and great hair to all!!!


Jill Franklin said...

It has been a while hasn't it!?! Good to see/hear from you. Congrats ~ Congrats ~ Congrats!!! I am so happy for you! =D
...and hey, everyone needs a break every now & then.

Tracy D said...

You never have to apologize, and you have totally valid excuses. I love the look of your hair..wow, just don't love the prices :( Still tempting thou.

Dara Lynn said...

Life happens! There is always a shift in demands....things we love to do sometime have to go the back burner.

Jen said...

Might I just add that I told my BFF that we just missed her like crazy =D. Love my Codes!!!