January Favorites

 Thank you to so many of you that shared your favorites for the month!!! Here are a few of them:

Brook loves the EOS Lip balm:

 "I have horrible dry lips this winter so I started using eos it's amazing! Love it. Read all about it on my blog cuteasabutton222.blogspot.com."

Casey clues us in with a new skin care line:

I sell Beauticontrol and we have a new Skin Spa Facial line out and I am absolutely loving it!!!! We have these skin sensors that prescribe your own line that you need! Visit her website here.

Angie tells us how she struck GoLd with these goodies: 
 What I'm loving right now....and how I got to what I'm loving right now......a few years ago I started using Origins Checks & Balances face soap, LOVE it.  It's about $18 a bottle (more than drugstore brands), but seriously, the bottle can last almost 6 months.  As I've learned, all of their products take minimal amounts to be effective.  I then started using their Modern Friction.  It's sort of a microderm in a bottle type scrub, and is awesome.  Then tried some eye creams, GinZing is AMAZING, for AM use only, takes the puff right out of your eyes if you have any whatsoever.  I have horrible allergies, so it helps tremendously.  And the newest thing they have, which I am IN LOVE with now is called Starting Over, found it a/b 3 weeks ago.  I've been using the eye cream (I think there's a moisturizer as well), it's botox (sort of) in a bottle.  You can feel it working.  You can apply it AM & PM below and above the eye (like on the bone just above the lid).  I've noticed a big difference, how soft my skin is in the "crows feet" area and just my whole eye area in general.   I'm telling ya, it's wonderful stuff!  

Here comes Ashley with great news!!! There is another primer we all get to try =)!!!
 As an emergency room RN in Las Vegas (the fifth busiest ER in
America), I need makeup which holds up for a 12+ hour shift. Aquatique
is an amazing eye makeup base. I get compliments on my eye makeup
(even at the end of my shift at times) from both co-workers and
patients. Plus, this base supposedly makes the eyeshadow waterproof
also, although I have never really tried that aspect out. (INSERT JENNI PUTTING THAT TO THE TEST BY STICKING MY HEAD IN A BOWL FULL OF WATER!!! LOL) I have
turned quite a few of my coworkers onto Aquatique!

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Codilyn said...

For those of you wondering... Aquatique is as amazing as people say. But it's just one of Lancome's fabulous products!