Winter Skin Care Products by Tiffany

Winter is definitely a changing time for your skin. Having the heater on in your home dries your skin out and the weather outside isn't too "skin friendly" either. Tiffany D gives us some fabulous products to try that will help combat this season and keep us looking flawless and glowing! Commentary is by Tiffany and my comments will be in red =).

I am totally in love with Origins products as of late. This is their Starting Over Moisturizer. It's oil free which I love because it makes my skin feel comfortable, it's very very moisturizing but it doesn't give me that "extra layer" which I don't really like (who does right???). I use this at night after my normal skin care routine. It works well with my oily skin.
I have been using this in the mornings. It's Origins VitaZing with SPF-15 which is great for day to day. It says it's "an energizing moisturizer with mangosteen (fruit grown in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Rare in the US since the actual fruit can't be brought in but is thought to have many healing properties. It's also found in the Xango drinks). This is the most unique moisturizer that I have ever used. A lot of times I don't even have to use foundation. It's not technically a tinted product. When it comes out, it's white but has tan beads. I use it and then my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish just to ward off shine. It evens me out as I apply it and you can see your skin brighten up...it's InSaNe!!! It has a citrusy sweet smell. Every skin tone can use it. I love it!!!
When I do apply foundation I still stick with my Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Plus (a MUST!!! It is like silk on your skin. I'll be doing a review on that soon) or NARS Sheer Glow (both can be found at Sephora).
The eye cream that I like is the Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Daily Anti-Fatigue Cream (mouthful much???). It's great because you don't need to spend a lot to get a great eye cream. I use it morning and night.
 (Sorry, couldn't resist putting our manly vamp up here using his EOS Lip Balm...Priceless!!!)
Also remember to take care of you lips, hands, your whole BoDy!!! It's really important. I use EOS Lip Balm and really bought it just because it looked so cute, but it's really great quality! I use it at night before bed and even under my lipstick and/or gloss. It's very non greasy so as not to interfere with your daily lip routine and it also stays on a long time too.
I love the Shea Cashmere Hand Cream from Bath & Body Works. I keep one in my purse and one by my bed. The more you use it the better your cuticles will look too =).
I also used to use many of the Bath & Body Works lotions and a lot of the Victoria Secret but I have all but ThRoWn them all away for the love of Renew Lotion!!! 
YES it's a Melaleuca product and I am SO sorry that you need to be a member to get the great prices but you can be a direct customer and buy whatever, whenever without needing to make an order every month. I highly look into it because you can also get the Nicole Miller (now Se Belle) bronzer!!!
Tiffany D can be found at her YouTube channel here. =)


Katie said...

I've recently discovered Origins VitaZing, and it is AMAZING. I don't even wear foundation anymore with it, just a setting powder. Love it!

Tracy D said...

I've heard so many great reviews of the VitaZing, I am definitely going to give it a try!

Brook said...

I really enjoy Tiffany D also the renew lotion is always in my bathroom

Afton's mommy said...

I LOVE the EOS Lip Balm - I bought it 'cause it was so darn cute too, and was really surprised with the quality. I'm so bitter right now because I just found your blog like a week ago, went out and got cute new eyeshadow & eyeliner to try and some great new craft store brushes...and now I have pink eye! :( It will be AT LEAST a week before I can use all my new goodies! For now, they are just sitting on my bathroom counter, looking lonely.

Jen said...

Afton's Mommy...that is the saddest news EvEr!!!!! We all wish you a very speedy recovery. 2 days down though sister...you can DO it!!! =D

Anonymous said...

So i can't quite remember how i found your blog .. but i'm soooo glad i did:) you give awesome advice!!! I especialy love your post on cult beauty buys that don't deserve the hype! I'm one of those clueless gals thats fallen victim to great lash mascara because once upon a time a make up artist told me it was "the bomb"! haha... I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award! I {heart} your blog! Check out my post to see what its all about:)

Michelle said...

i love the makeup inspiration you have on the right...so gorgeous!