Kohl's Makeup Set

Thanks Melissa I fixed the numbers an the voting can continue =D. The light brown used to be #1 but now it is #3. Vote ON ladies!!!
 Here is the Kohl's Palette that I have been promising to label for you for over a year now. Sad, I know. Here is the review on the palette that I made if you haven't seen it. I think that since I de-potted them it was just such a daunting task to try and figure out where they all went. First to look online to see what one in fact I had purchased then looking back over old tutorials to piece together which colors went where. With the help of a friend (thanks Stef!), it took a good hour. Kids start acting up, I left for a second and came back to the shadows jumbled all over the floor. What happened after can only be explained in a 5 step process:

- Denial: No, that didn't just happen right? It impossible. That much WoRk!!! All that TIME!!!
- Bargaining: Okay, I'll leave the room and Father in Heaven can you put it all back how it was?   Please?
- Depression: Can I just crawl in a hole right now?
- Acceptance: (sigh) Okaaaay, but this is the LAST time!!! Believe it or not, I had to do it 2 more times!!!

I finally got them all back in order and took a picture as quickly as humanly possible and labeled them. I decided against naming them names that MAC has because not all of them were comparable. I have cute and individual names for them now =). My hubby may have helped with a few too...can you guess which ones? 


If you'll notice, I have a few shadows without names. They are numbered and I can't come up with any names so I need your help! What do you think their names should be? Leave a comment and I'll pick my favs =).


heather said...

Not an easy task ... here are my picks: #8 or #9 Stardust, #2 Kitten, #4 Fairy, #6 or #7 Stella

Tracy D said...

Blush, Malt, #8 and Coalmine would make the perfect 4 pan palette for me! Glad you got it done, that's a big chore.

Melissa said...

I think #4 looks like lilac. Maybe frost for #7. Also, you have two #1 and no #3. Good luck with the names.

Anonymous said...

#4 - lilac
#1 - sky blue

Looking foward to learning from you!

Marc and Stacy said...

I'm totally bored, but this looked like fun...
1- Blue Crush
2- Strawberry Cream
3- Taupe of the line or Taupe Notch (a play on the word "Top)
4- Purplicious
5- Glimmer
6- Mist
7- Diamonds
8- Galactica
9- Moon Dust

Jancisco said...

Kevin definitely named Blue Steel and Hobbit.

I like silk the best, it's like nylon from MAC--it shows up great. The other light ones just blend into my pasty white skin.