Mini Haul

The concealer palette is from Dermacolor and the MUD quad colors are (starting at the top and going clockwise): Galaxy, Honeysuckle, Dulce De Leche and Pixie. LoVe ALL of the colors. Check out MUD cosmetics here.


Kylee said...

Yay! Such fun products. You are so cute.

I laughed pretty hard when you were talking about Urban Decay's "Naked" and you said, "I highly recommend everyone going out and getting naked!" hahaha. If I get cited for public nudity I'm going to say "Jen told me to!" lol just kidding...I knew you meant the PRODUCT naked I just am immature that way...

I seriously need to update some of my makeup. Starting with lipsticks! I need some pretty natural colors like the ones you always use. Thanks for the plenty of reviews to help my decision making.

Becky said...

Yay, Isn't Naked just PERFECT??? Love it! I have quite the UD stash now, I gathered it all up to post on UD's Facebook because a bunch of girls were and I was totally like :-O How did I get so much?? LOL Too funny.

I've always wondered about MUD, I'm glad you reviewed some!! Thanks!

Jen said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I totally didn't realize that I SAID that!!!!!!! LOL Oh that is just TeRrIbLe!!!! Everyone, I do not recommend public nudity, let it be known =)...only me...sigh.