The Galvanic Spa Experience

Misty is here as a guest tutorialist to show us the fabulous products from Nu Skin. This is in conjunction with the Mature skin week that we are having here at Classy Cosmetics. Soon will be a giveaway as well. Sorry about the last 4 minutes of the video. Don't know what happened and have tried to fix it but can't. Basically we talk about how it helps with crow's feet and that we both like the product. In the end we talk about how results will obviously vary and you will see more drastic result the older you are. To learn more about this amazing product, click on the button to the left. Misty will also have a website where you can specifically ask her more questions. Contact me if that would interest you and I will put you in touch with her.


Anna Banana said...

Looks Pretty AMAZING! somehow I don't have audio for the last 4 min After about 15:10 I can't hear you at all :(

Aubrey Springer said...

looks great Jen, Thanks for allowing me to be on your blog. It was alot of fun! You are amazing!! Keep up the great work. You are going places!