Arbonne Review

It's been a long time coming but here is my review of some Arbonne skin care I received a while back from a rep named Audrey Rasmussen. Check out the site to learn more about these great products!!!


Audrey said...

Thank you:-)
Glad to hear that you enjoyed the product, lol I didn't think you would like the bronzer so much (I've never hear anyone praise it so highly) and the Serum is my favorite too! You'd probably really like the instant lift gel for around the eyes.
The difference between the day and night creme was the Day has sunscreen and the night has more peptieds/collagen.

Audrey said...

To locate me on the arbonne site go to:

And enter my info in this order:
first name: audrey
Last name: rasmussen
Country: USA
State: AZ
City: Litchfield Park

shirley said...

I'm thrilled to see your post on Arbonne products, which I totally love as well. But I have a question and I wasn't sure where to put it except here. Arbonne has a makeup primer, which I think is awesome as far as minimizing pores and giving you a really nice finish to your foundation. I was curious if you have tried it? I have seen you mention an eye primer but that is it. I would be interested in your take on such a product.

Corey said...

Umm ADORE your bow ring. Where did you get it!?!

Jen said...

Thanks Corey! I got it at Forever 21 =)