Sweat Proof/ Water Proof

Don't Sweat It...please!!!
Let's be honest ladies, most of us don't want to leave home without the extra coverage, or safety, of a foundation. Something to even out your skin making it look effortlessly and beautifully smooth and silky. But in the beautiful yet rather warm summertime, because of the humidity and high temperatures, the foundation does not really last and it just feels heavy. I want to sweat just thinking about my skin gasping for air through a thick layer of makeup on my face when it's hot outside. I just received a text this morning from my friend Summer at Tres Chic Boutique wondering about waterproof/sweat proof makeup. She was going to be going to a youth camp out and wanted to be ready. Could I EVER relate. I had gone to a young women's camp as a counselor during that awful breakout just about a month ago. So fun but didn't want to go anywhere without makeup....which I hated because had I not had that reaction I would have gone the whole week makeup and carefree. Alas that wasn't on the menu so I had to switch up the routine a bit. Here are some of the things that I have learned through the years..I gotcha covered =) ( pun intended). Feel free to click on any of the links for suggestions on products described.
For Starters:
Wear a primer. Should I repeat? WEAR A PRIMER! Don't skip this cuz it makes a big difference!!! Choose a lightweight, oil-free formula and apply after your moisturizer and/or sunscreen and before the rest of your makeup. A pea-size amount should be enough (don't get crazy). This step is essential for your foundation and color to last all day.


Less is more when it comes to makeup in the summer but if you feel you need coverage, like I did and occasionally still do, be picky!!! Choose a sheer silicone-based formula for your concealer because it acts as a barrier from humidity. Avoid liquids as much as possible, choose a cream concealer and spot treat dark circles and blemishes using your ring finger to pat and blend the color onto skin. To avoid a shiny complexion make sure and look for oil-free products always, summer or not.
So Many Choices:
Makeup has come a looong way from one general formula for the entire face. Thanks to stains, tints, gels, balms, and creams designed for the lips, eyes, and cheeks you can achieve the look you want with the same color pay off and even better staying power. Not to mention a lovely sheen finish that will give your skin that coveted glow. These formulas work wonders in the summer and are great alternatives to powder because they won’t mix with sweat, smear, or run. Avoid kohl liners that will smear, powder blush that will fade, and chalky powders that will cake when you sweat. But if you tend to be oily and need the security of a powder, choose a talc-free
translucent formula and apply lightly with a large fluffy brush to the t-zone. The talc-free, color-free formula stops shine and sets makeup with out appearing dry or changing colors.


Don’t underestimate the power of water-proof mascara and eyeliner. It’s great for daily use when you need to go from work to dinner to a night out and there’s no exception when it comes to swimming, sweating, or working out. Choose a water-proof mascara with a creamy, smudge-resistant formula that won’t flake off or make lashes brittle. As for eyeliner go with a smooth, smudge-proof gel formula that glides on easily, sets quickly and lasts all day. These two products, which come in tons of different colors, are enough to play up the eyes so it can cut your makeup time in half by not having to do shadows.

Don’t leave home without it:

*Sunscreen. It’s so important to start the day off with sunscreen for several reasons. Sunscreen (choose a broad spectrum one that protects against both UVB and UVA rays) is the best way to prevent skin from aging, wrinkles and sunspots caused by UVA rays, how could we pass on that?? Along with ranging in SPF (15-70) there are formulas that include antioxidants that work double-time by protecting from free radicals and UV damage, while others come in a wipe form that make it quick and easy to freshen up as it protects. Luckily most are designed with different skin types in mind (from acne-prone, sensitive, to normal, and oily) so there’s no excuse, girls! In the past it was hard to reach for the sunscreen because of its tell-tale smell and the way it felt on the skin but now most formulas on the market are so lightweight and fresh smelling that you won’t even know it’s there.

*Oil-absorbing sheets. These thin little papers absorb surface oil without smudging makeup, rendering the mid-day compact touch up useless and avoiding all that product build-up, yuck.

*Tinted lip balm with SPF. Choose your favorite color in a wax formula to avoid it melting on your lips. I love the ones from MAC.

Here are some ideas for products:
Product: Era Face Spray on Foundation by Classified Cosmetics ($55)
  • Water-resistant, sweat-proof, oil-free aerosol foundation
  • Mists a wash of color onto the skin for a "airbrush" finish with no blending required
  • Many surgeons recommend this product for people that might have newly healing skin, gives everyone the opportunity to remain covered up
  • Can help freckles, moles,birthmarks,scars,tattoos,varicose veins,stretch marks, skin discoloration to remain under cover
  • Comes in 10 shades for all skin types
  • Included is cosmetic puff and headwrap
  • Found in Fred Segal, Bendels, on Amazon, specialty stores & exclusive department stores
Product: Clinique Almost Makeup ($17.50)
  • Waterproof, sweatproof, streak-proof - its not going anywhere
  • Good for ANY activity including swimming
  • Ultra-sheer
  • Won't clog pores
  • Comes in 4 shades
  • SPF 15 as an added incentive!

Product: Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Protective Under eye Concealer ($21)
  • Blends in completely and is crease resistant
  • Has soothing chamomile extract and honey to hydrate and condition your eye area which is a very delicate area especially in older skin
  • Crease resistant. As we get older and eyes get heavier and more wrinkles appear, this product is great at adding a softer look to the fine lines that might start to see.
Product: L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara ($8)
  • Thickens your eyelashes up to four times their normal size
  • ONLY $8!
Product: Cynthia Rowley Natural Long Mascara water resistant ($16)
  • Comes in a spectrum of brighter and not your typical colors like bright blue and burgundy.
Product: Clarins Fix Mascara ($16.50)
  • For people that are so attached to their regular mascara that they don’t want to make the switch -this product waterproofs your mascara!
  • Waterproof sealant for use over your favorite non water proof mascara
  • It is a transparent microseal that is long-lasting and resistant to water, heat, and oily substances

Product: Clinique Brow Keeper ($14.50)
  • Brow-grooming tool
  • Water resistant, smudge resistant, and long-wearing
  • Deposits a sheer, subtle layer of color that can be built on coats to make it darker or more intense looking
  • The tapered brush on the other end of the pencil allows for easy definition, blending, and control

Product: Christian Dior Aquadior Waterproof Eyeliner ($21)Product: MAC Fluidline ($15)
I really prefer the fluid line by MAC. It comes in so many different colors and won't smudge or run. It can be put on with a super tiny angled brush.
Eye shadow
Product: Trish McEvoy Waterstix ($20)
  • Applying eye color in seconds
  • Portable easy to use swivel stick designed for women on the go
  • To apply just draw across eyelids and blend it in
  • 6 colors

Product: Finish Line or Benefit Shelaq ($15)
  • Water-proofing elixir that converts your non water proof eye color and makes it waterproof
  • Pour one or two drops into bottle cap, dampen eye liner brush in liquid, then fill brush with color stroking along outer edge of pressed eye shadow

Product: Max Factor Lipfinity ($12.75)
  • 2 step process: "paint for lips" that last eight hours which goes on first. Then there is the "moisturizing top coat" that keeps lips feeling moist, smooth, and keeps lips looking shiny
  • Has PermaTone, which is a semi-permanent color
  • The paint is waterproof and to restore the glossy look you can apply the top coat through out the day
  • 25 flattering shades
Product: Clarins "Sun-Kissed" Colour Gloss
  • Long lasting and water resistant, very glossy
  • A comfortable texture that will not run
  • Perfect for the summer and being outdoors

Product: Nars Color Wash ($24)
  • This will not come off without soap and water
  • Makes it look like the color is really coming from within
  • Gives you a very natural glow
  • Since it is so sheer it is good for all skin tones
  • Paint it on with the brush in the cap and blend it in with fingers and then wash your finger b.c it will dye!
  • It will not come off of your face once it dries on your face
Product: Loreal Sheer Gel Blush
  • Long wearing and water repellant
  • Convenient, fits into pocket
  • Casual and subtle look
  • Available in 5 shades
Product: Stila Sport Color Push-Ups ($20)
  • Activity proof
  • Simple as a glide of a stick
  • Gel based and oil free
  • They are hydrating, they are great for dry or flaky skin
  • 3 colors
  • Portable and small
Product: Stila Color Courier ($20)
  • Activity proof, water repellant, great for working out!
  • Simple to use: Just pencil it on your face and blend it with fingers or sponge

Product: Nivea visage eye make-up remover ($5.19)
  • A greaseless formula
  • Formulated for your eyes but can also work on lips and face
  • Don't even have to rinse - wipes off with tissue
  • Feels really clean after use
Product: Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover ($15)I am SUCH a fan of this makeup remover. It takes everything off so completely and it leaves a non-greasy fresh clean feel on your eyes. To make the product last longer I use Q-Tips as opposed to cotton balls or pads. To order from a GREAT girl click here. Lindsay and I have been friends forever and she goes WAY out of her way to make sure you get what you want. Tell her I sent you and she'll take even bEtTeR care of you!!!

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