The Long Awaited Post

Fashion, class and style...I love these words. I was wondering just a few short years ago about what to name my blog. My hubby asked me what I wanted it to feeeel like. First thing out of my mouth,"classy." This leads me to wanting you to meet Tami. For those of you that remember my post all about being prepared, you'll recall me speaking of a potential business partner. You guessed it =), it's Tami. Here she is in all of her glory...and I DO mean glory. When she told me her site was fashionclassandstyle, I about choked on the amount of coincidence in the air. She is the owner of Tami's Salon in Rexburg and wanted by companies all over these good United States to train up and coming stylists. This woman is sunshine personified!!! When we met I was first impressed with her drive, ambitions and excitement for all of her future possibilities. I was deeply humbled that she wanted me to potentially come on board with her...but first, there was a test. I knew that I needed to prove to her that I was a worthy makeup artist and that was all I could think of. SHE was more intent on showing me what SHE could do. My red hair...my gorgeous vision of a deep red came into my mind (enter dreamlike music here) but I thought that was too much to ask since I knew it couldn't be done without HOURS of labor and possible thoughts of resentment on her part. BOY was I wrong!!! I simply mentioned it and she got SO excited for the challenge!!!

This chica lives and breathes hair. She is a self proclaimed "hair nerd" =). So, the date was set and I just couldn't believe that I was going to get my dream hair.
I like to change my hair, not often, but when I do it's dramatic! When I lived in Russia, I was a fan of the black with blue undertones. Then I liked the black with purple undertones. Black has just been my thing. Then when I was preggers with my second I wanted to try honey blonde. BOY was that a process!!! Don't judge the "no makeup look" ooooorrr the tummy =).I have been dreaming of red for a year now. I couldn't BELIEVE it was going to happen!!! Especially when I had already consulted 4 different stylists and they all said NO!!! When I got to Tami's salon she explained what she was going to do...which unfortunately went StRaIgHt over my head =). Here are some pictures of the FIVE HOUR LONG transformation. Tami, you are a trooper!!!!!
Here is the before:First process:It's getting lighter but that black was being SOOOO stubborn!!!After the second process it lifted SO much more!This is the face of excited!!! =)After every stage she kept saying over and over, don't worry. it won't look like this. LOL I was having so much fun =).Brassy much? Perfect for depositing color though!And the end result!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it and couldn't be happier. Words cannot express how much I trust this woman and love her to pieces!!!!! If you are in Idaho and don't already go to her......WHY????? Switch and switch NOW!!!!!


Nicole Hunter said...

You really do always look gorgeous, but I LOVE this look on you! Beautiful!

Jessica F. said...

Amazing! I love the red!

Anonymous said...

love the hair color! great post! we left an award for you at our blog so check it out to receive your award. :)


joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..