Lauren Conrad Tutorial

So glad that I was FiNaLlY able to get to this request. (Singing voice) I looooovvvveeee Lauren Conraaaaad!!!!!! I think she is so stinkin cute and very down to Earth. Her makeup is very simple but the liner can sometimes be tricky and just comes with practice. I'll do another one that isn't so typical of her that I've found. Meaning her makeup wasn't just natural with winged liner...cooomin up!


Brook said...

Wow so pretty thanks so much I absolutely love your tutorials.

Becky said...

Nice! I have the Duo in the dark tone and like it a lot.. sometime I have leftover glue stuck on my eyelid though- I'm not a pro at putting lashes on but it's usually just above my lash line that I have leftover. It doesn't hurt to take them off though.. Any tips for getting the residue to come off easier?

Not Alone said...

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Thanks and I look forward to reading your future blog post.