Make Your Makeup Stay

Here are some tips for making your makeup last.


Codilyn said...
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Becky said...

I've been using the Make Up For Ever HD powder for a few months now and have also figured out that I wasn't using enough of it.. Love it! Sephora has travel sizes for 1/2 the price so that's what I went with to make sure it worked for me. Sooo worth $15, it will last forever!!

Total fan of the UDPP, I tell everyone they need it. LOL

I've been thinking about getting the powderflage.. I have horrible under eye circles. My under eye area is pretty dry.. think the erase past would work better than the boing??

Oh! And SLC has a Sephora now! AAAHHH!!! LOVE!

Becky said...

I agree with Codi, you look great! How hot is your hair?????? Do you dye it at all? What color do you use? I want a super dark brown..

Codilyn said...

Becky- The erase paste actually works quite well, and would be great with your skin tone. I like it because it not only conceals but highlights as well. It would be great if you're dry under your eyes. Do you use an eye cream night and day?

Becky said...

I was using an Avon eye cream and it lightened them a little and did wonders for making my upper eye perk up a little but I stopped using it because it was making the dark under eye area a little crepe-y looking. Yikes! I've been trying to figure out what I should buy next.. any suggestions?

I have combo skin (oily t-zone) and moisturize night and morning and make sure to really get it under my eyes.

Jen said...

Thanks guys!!! You are too sweet. I don't dye it but I am going to tomorrow. Red....HERE I COME!!!! I have been wanting to do it for a year now and I am now taking the plunge. Becky, go to this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL3m0E8xULk
I really like her and she'll talk to you about all under eye problems. She covers everything I would =).

Codilyn said...

Becky- I loved the link Jenni posted because she shared some great tips that we use on women all the time, however she didn't address a concern that I think might be the reason you are experiencing problems.
One of the reasons you might be getting a crepe look under the eye is because you are getting your facial moisturizer too close to the eye area. Moisturizers for the face should never be placed too close to the eye.
1-because the eye area is so delicate.
2-because they can effect your makeup.
3-because the ingredients in facial moisturizers can have ingredients too harsh for the eye.
Even when placing eye cream around the eye you never place it right next to the rims of your eye. You should always place it in a C motion around the eye and only on the bone that you can feel. The warmth of your skin will actually pull the eye product up closer to the eye itself.
Considering the fact that you have combo skin the products in the moisturizer that combat oily skin might be what's causing your eye area to become more dry/crepe.
Hope this info. helps!

Codilyn said...

P.S. Unless the eye cream states that you can place it directly on the lid of your eye, never do so. Only place it on the outer edge of your eyebrow area along that bone that I talked about before. Remember the C shape and always us your ring fingers to apply your eye cream.

Becky said...

I like Kandee's tutorials a lot, she's great!

Codilyn, I had no idea about the C shape! I don't put product on the lid unless it's made for it but on the bottom I was going almost all the way up.

What about when you use face primers, is that ok to put higher up (under eye area)? I've been using Smashbox Photofinish Light on t-zone and then the regualr Photofinish on my cheeks/under eyes. When I used the Light in that area, I suddenly have fine lines showing up that I didn't know I even had. LOL Darn combo skin..

Is there an eye cream that you recommend?

Codilyn said...

Becky- I wouldn't even put primer near the eyes. Just stay in that bone area that I was telling you about. Your skins warmth really will pull up products towards your eye. Can I ask why you are using two different primer products? Tell you what.... I'd love to help you more in depth with this problem so I'll need to know a little more about your skin. So that we don't end up making this feed never ending, why don't you just email me all the concerns you're having and the products you're using and we'll go from there. My email is codilynk@yahoo.com

Crafty Mommy Diva said...

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