The Lace Trend

You can't deny it. There is something so incredibly feminine, classy and dare I say sexy about lace. It has been all over the runway and I LoVe the way it has been paired with contrasting textures. I found myself wanting to jump on board and had all of these images of Grace Kelly-"ish" outfits, gloves, pearls, DRESSES!!! A girlfriend of mine was wearing the most BeAuTiFuL lace long sleeve shirt underneath your average T-Shirt and I about fell over in my chair! Now other girls would tell you that to take advantage of such a darling look would set you back $50 (most of my friends have paid this). WELL LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!!! 

When in Utah I went to one of my FAV stores, Tres Chic Boutique.  I cannot tell you how giddy and excited I was to not only see SO many colors offered at but also the price was an AmAzInG $24.99!!!!! The mocha colored one is on sale now for $19.99!!! Girls, don't let this pass you up. Go to the site today and grab one for yourself. I got a black one that I wear underneath ANY T-shirt (that isn't navy blue) and it gives it SUCH a great look. It is also comfortable, long and breathable...duh, its lace =). I can't wait to add the cream and white. I think I may even get some of the short sleeve ones. The owner of the store even suggests putting a cream one underneath a long sun dress...how romantic is THAT??? Now I am more conservative and would probably opt for a tighter T underneath, but shown here, you can wear the lace above...ahem...other things =).


Jessica said...

I love how the white one looks underneath that gray t-shirt!

Jen said...

Yeah, she designed that Blessed shirt herself!