You TRIED It!!!

So, one night I was sitting, sitting led to thinking, thinking led to an AMAZING idea =). I am VERY excited to let you all know that I am working on a link for you to go to where YOU are the star!!! I am putting together, and would like to cOnTiNuE putting together pictures that YOU have sent in. Be it for a contest, you made the brush holder and sent a picture, you tried a tutorial, or just tried something new and wanted to share, I want to POST it!!! It's my way of giving you all a gold star on your nose (like that Amy? eh? eh?). I am working on categorizing them at this point and then will put a link or a button in the side bar titled "You Tried It". It really is so great to see my mailbox filled with photos from you and I hope more of you will send, send, SEND!!!!!!! =)

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Lindsay said...

Jenny!! I don't know if I am brave enough yet, but maybe I will give it a try too!! :) What Monica did. Very clever. :)