Spring Has Sprung

There is something about Spring. The sun starts to peak out from behind cold dark clouds. The grass starts getting greener and life starts popping out just about everywhere. I love to find inspiration from nature and right now is the BEST time to find color. Look at flowers, butterflies, and sunsets. What inspires you color wise? Do a look and send in a picture of how you are welcoming in Spring!!! Melodi requested a springy look and I was inspired, this time, by the 2009 Dior Spring collection.


Melodi said...

Luv the purples! I think what really makes it look great is the light whites that you put down near the eyelashes and corner! What was that lip gloss that you used again? Fergie? And where to get that? Thanks for the tutorial!

Jen said...

It is Viva Glam 6 Fergie edition. They may or may not still have it in stock at MAC. If not there is always lovely ebay =)!!!

Becky said...

Hey, I did a look today with a lighter purple on my lid and then bright purple on the lower lash and then on the upper lash I used your advice of using blue (I used Indigo Blue Gel liner from Coastal Scents)with it on the upper lash and I LOVE how it looks!!