Skin Care Skin Care Skin Care!!!!!

I will be the FIRST to tell you that I am TeRrIbLe when it comes to advise on skin care. I am learning as I go but there is SO much I don't know. There IS, however, a guy on YouTube that is GREAT and has some amazing tips for ya'll!!! Click HERE and soak it all in!!! I learned a TON!!!


Codilyn said...

Great video Jen. The only things I would add to his recommendations are...
1: Do not do really hot water while washing and then really cold to rinse the difference in temperature can lead to small red dots/patches on your skin. Instead, use warm water to cleanse and then luke warm to rinse.
2: Get a toner that does not contain alcohol.
3: Get an exfoliator with small circular beads. These will exfoliate but not damage the skin. Using a washcloth to apply your exfoliator will help the exfoliator work it's best. You can even just use a washcloth with your cleanser and get a pretty good result.
4: Really discover your true skin type. I don't care if your mom has dry skin that does not automatically mean that you do as well. I can't even tell you how many women I have done makeovers on who are completely wrong about the type of skin they actually do have, and therefore are treating their skin improperly causing most of their skin problems.
Hope these extra tips help!!

Becky said...

Good tips, I've been a LOT better at cleaning every day and I can tell a big difference. I appreciate Codilyn's tips too.

Skincare products/eye care/primers are my big interest right now and I'm really finding some products I love. I ordered some stuff from Sephora and can't wait for it to come.. the travel size of the MakeUp Forever finishing powder, Smashbox to-go primer and I'm getting a sample size of the new Urban Decay De-Slick in a tube. Can't wait! (I'm forever on a mission to mattify my t-zone lol)


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