The Perfect Picture.....

You're on vacation and you are just having the TIME of your life. Of course you want to capture the moment. A nice, unassuming man walks by and you ask him ever so sweetly if he wouldn't mind taking a quick picture for you. He does and you run to take a peak. "Oh, I'm sorry, can we take that again? My face looks fat." *click* "No, not that one either my butt too closely resembles Texas." *click* "Oops, I blinked!" *click* "Gag, my _____ looks HUGE!!!" (Feel free to insert ANY body part in the blank spot.) Not only have you wasted this man's time but now you have no camera as he has thrown it over a cliff and has run for his life. We have ALL had times when taking a picture where we just wish we had a team of experts that could jump out of a bush without a moments notice and tweak, lift, and beautify before that click.I found a site for you that can alleviate some of the stress and teach you to take pics like a pro!!! Click HERE to find out the DL on: your posture, smile, your Facebook profile picture, frozen stares, makeup (of course!) and learn some tricks from photographers themselves.

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