"My Colors Are Blush and Bashfull"...Who Knows the Movie?????

This post may make you blush!!! ; )
I got an email the other day asking some great questions about blush. I, myself have been looking into blushes lately and decided to share some finds from the store, mags and various sites =). You ready?????

Okay, first and foremost can I PLEASE just share my love affair with cream blush???It is perfect for the summer months, it's sheer so it doesn't look like you are wearing loads of make-up and it's great for a natural look. Rosy sun-kissed look for the beach anyone? The best thing about cream blush is that you don't need to spend a fortune to get great results!!! It's as if the rosy glow is coming from underneath your skin. It's great for older women ("recycled teenagers" as Grammy calls 'em) and those with dry skin. But one little tip from me to you...come closer....closer....dust just a touch of powder blush over it for staying powder. If you use more than a touch....what was the point of using cream? RIGHT?I also love it because it is so multi-purpose. Now, obviously the best use is to give your cheeks that extra glow when you're feeling washed out but you can also dab some on your lips as a gloss or on your eyelids for eyeshadow.

The two hottest colors of the season are actually rather subdued. Give dark, dramatic colors a rest and get a pretty, feminine look with blush shades and neutral nudes this spring.

Sugar Scape tried and tested the best on the market and here are their favorites:

Boot's 17 range. Their Get Cheeky cream blush is really easy to blend for a fresh natural glow and comes in three different shades to suit your face.

Also in the bargain end of blush is Rimmel's Mousse Blush, $3.49. Get it at Ulta!!!

It has an air-light formula and comes in two delicious sounding shades (they tried Peach Iced Tea, a peachy tone that is so on trend!). It promises to cool you down while it brightens you up. The water-based formula gives off a cooling sensation designed to keep your face refreshed and soft for at least eight hours. How COOL is that???

Maybelline's Dream Mousse blush in Dolly pink for $5.98 at Walmart.

Dream Mousse Blush uses advanced technology to air-whip the mousse, it feels virtually weightless and glides on quickly and easily creating a unique, silky texture without fading or creasing.

If you like to spend a little more on your make-up then they recommend this Blushcreme, $18.50, from Mac.

MAC artists are the masters when it comes to luxury and this blush is no exception. The luxuriously soft and creamy blush tenderly flushes the cheeks or brings them into full-blown rosy bloom. It blends really well and gives a vibrant, dewy fresh, slightly shiny look to the cheeks.

Also in the expensive end of the market is this cream blush. You can find it on Amazon but I haven't seen it on the Benefit website.

The lightweight-blendable formula dries down to a perfect silky powder finish. Benefit's sheer cream blushes give cheeks a perky pinch of natural color, there are three shades in the collection but with names like Ooh... Hush! and Shhh!

REMEMBER too that till the end of the week Wet N Wild is on sale at Kmart and their blush is GREAT!!!

WHEW...what a list eh? Okay, now that you know of some great products, how does one apply blush and what shade for what look? In my opinion it is all about preference. I would never tell anyone what color NOT to wear but maybe what color and color combo would look best for whatever look they are going for. If you are looking for the most natural blush color for your face there is one fail proof test. Check out your face when you come in from a cold day. Not only will you see your natural color but where to apply it as well.

It's always a good idea to have complimenting cheek and lip colors. For example, red lipstick and apricot blush might not be the best option. Stick to these matches: Red lipstick: reddish or pink blush. Rose lipstick: rose blush. Pink lipstick: pink blush. Coral or apricot lipstick: peachy toned blush. Brown toned lipstick: bronze shades of blush with the same undertones as the lipstick. I guess, just don't look like these girls k?If you are unsure of where to place your blush, smile big to find your natural cheek. Then simply brush on your blush while you are smiling. When you apply your blush, use sweeping upward strokes for flawless application.


Unknown said...

Only one of the greatest movies ever! Steel Magnolias! I do read you blog and my one day shock you put some of it to real use! Loved Monica's guest appearance!

Jen said...

HA HAAAA good job Farsher!!!! You got it =). Miss you!!!

Becky said...

So I pretty much only use mineral foundation, etc.. so I just use powder blushes. Can I still use the cream or will it get all weird? What do you think?

Jen said...

No it wouldn't get weird at all Beck. Go for it!!! =)

Susan said...

Steel Magnolias! Only the greatest girl movie ever!

Becky said...

I tried the Maybelline Mousse blush tonight in the Peach Satin. I love it!! I usually go for pinks but thought I'd try peach. Yay for more options!!