So I have this dArLiNg friend in Virginia..."Hi Anna!!!" =). She sent me something that I thought needed to be shared. I, myself, have had troubled with self esteem and not fitting in when I was younger especially in Jr. High. I was pushed and made fun of for not being pretty enough and for SURE not wearing the "right" clothes. As Cher says in Clueless, "The wounds of adolescence can take years to heal." Boy do I EvEr think that's true. As years have gone by I have learned to accept who I am but of course I still wish I could change a few things....why? Because I see people on magazine covers, on the red carpet and ads on TV. The more I have been working in the industry however, I have been seeing all of the "work" that goes into making them look the way they appear to us. She sent me a video so that you can see the unrealistic touches that are made to make someone look flawless. We all know it's done but I think seeing the process will help the rest of us give each other a break. I especially love this one named "Evolution" and "Amy" Let me know what you think.

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