Perfect Eyebrows

Here are some more tips for doing your eyebrows. Hope you enjoy!!! Don't forget to make some requests. Send them to dollcosmetics@gmail.com. Thanks ladies!!!


Becky said...

Very nice! I'm going to email you a pic.. I just dyed my hair a darker shade but I am still doing my brows the same shade. My brows are darker but longer and sparse.. I use a pencil to fill them in (I use shadow every now and then but find myself switching back to the pencil). Anyway, I want to know if you think I should go darker with the pencil?

I've also been using my coastal scents contour set (it has the 6 big shades in it) and there's a white matte.. I've been using that under my brows some too but I haven't used a pencil, I'll have to pick one up.

Jen said...

Becky, can't wait to see the picture!!! I LoVe dark hair. I went blonde once and couldn't WAIT for it to be dark again. I was like eight months prego in the pic. Maybe I'll post it =).