Oh NO!!! I Have 5 Min!!!

Uuuuuuummmmm....I look like I am going to be sick. I don't do much commentary in this since I am trying to keep it all to 5 min...hence the post title =). So here are the products used:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
MAC Mineralized Powder
Wet n Wild MegaGlo Bronzer
Coastal Scents Pallette: dark brown and black/brown (for brows) and light bronze/brown for crease.
Nicole Miller Coral Blush
Loreal Darker Brown Pencil (for brows)
Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara


Something Infinitely Interesting said...

i love it, i actully try to do 5 min everyday for work, and then when im not going to work i take my time :)

Think Positive and SMILE! said...

Hey Jenni! That was AWESOME! Good job! Thank you for showing us what we can do in just 5 minutes! I was impressed that it only took that long! Kyle liked your answer for someone who asks, "Are you sick?" -- "Have you gained 5 pounds?" : )

Zach and Codi said...

First of all... I find it mucho "importante" to say that I love your comeback comment, and second I love that we are so in tune that as soon as you said "you can choose a color for your lips" I said "jist" right as you did. Knowing my luck I would have done the same eyebrow oopsie during a 5 min tutorial as well. You are beautiful and I love you girl! Let's do an I-Chat soon!

Anonymous said...

Loved this! I don't work right now, just stay at home with the kiddo, but on weekends my husband likes to go YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES!!! Okay, not really, he lets me get ready after I've jumped in and out of the shower, but the longer I take to pretty up myself, that's less time we get to do stuff. So this will be lovely. &I am the type to draw on my nose with eyeliner or get mascara on my eyebrow so I'm glad you added that effect! Haha. Now I know it REALLY can take 5 minutes regardless of faux paus. Thanx.

B said...

i was actually watching some of your videos thinking "well it'd be nice to have that much time to get ready..." but then i found this and i love it! I am always on the go and never have time to get ready nowadays so this is now my favorite video! thanks!