Thanks Mel!!!!!

If you haven't seen Mel's comment under the fall look, she is letting all of us know about the brushes that MAC has on sale right now. The sets are $49.95 and there are three different ones to choose from. My friend Liv and I first got ours together about 3 years ago. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!! I was able to really see a difference using great brushes. They are trial sized brushes so quite a bit smaller as far as the handle is concerned but still great. Go see if you can still get a set!!!!!! GO!!!!!! =)


Leigh Anne Wilkes said...


I was looking at the sets the other day at Nordstrom - which of the three do you like the best - if you were going to buy just one. We need lots of brushes!!

Jen said...

I would get the one that has 168SE, 187SE, 209SE, 219SE and 252SE included. The 187 is the foundation brush I SWEAR by!!!! I LOVE using the 252 for concealer, foundation around the nose and for patting color all over the lid. I use the 219 ALL the time for smudging liner and putting color under the lower lashes. The 168 would be SO great for contouring the face (doing your "three" shape) and who doesn't love a good eyeliner brush? Out of all the kits these are the brushes that I use the most.