Face From The Inspirational Photos

Here are some pictures of Codi doing "Face Number 2". I think it's funny that she told me she was going to use false lashes but then decided against it......CAN YOU PEOPLE SEE THIS GIRL'S LASHES?????? Doesn't need them now or ever =). Love you Code and I LOVE the lipstick you used. Share what colors and products used in the comment section. Ladies, I am waiting for more!!!! I would LOVE to see what you come up with. It might even just be something totally different but one of the pictures inspired you to do it =). Let's see it!!!!!


Zach and Codi said...

First off... is anyone else going to do this challenge so my face is no longer the first thing you see when you enter this site? PLEASE someone take my spot!
Secondly... here are the colors I used (they're all MAC products):

EYES: Butternutty shadestick for base, Femme-Fi shadow on inner to mid-lid area, then Evening Aura mixed with a little Bold and Brazen for the mid to outer lid area and lower lash line as well. Then Chillproof to highlight, and Boot Black liquid liner (with a very fine eyeliner brush).

LASHES: Maybelline Volume Express Very Black in Waterproof (the only non-MAC item).

CHEEKS: Tippy blush from the Hello Kitty Collection.

LIPS: Magenta lip pencil, Gladiola from the Dame Edna collection, and Love Alert Dazzleglass gloss.

Some of the colors were Special Edition products that you may not be able to purchase (I.E. the Hello Kitty and Dame Edna collections) so if you would like me to give you a color choice similar to any of the ones I used just let me know.

Jen said...

I happen to like your face there =).