Tips to Perfect Eyeliner

I know that I have been promising this for a long time.......but heeeeeere it is =).


Jancisco said...

Thank you! just this morning I was wondering if you had a tutorial for that style of eyeliner. Fantastic.

*verification word: paste*

Camille Elise said...

So, just a quick little question. I can't remember if you already addressed this but do you think dry or liquid eyeliner works better? I just bought liquid because I always smear the dry stick everywhere and I'm not sure I can tell which is better...maybe that's a preference thing?

Jen said...

It is preference BUT only if you are using quality products. Meaning that if I were to use my cheapy Wet N Wild pencil it would NOT work. If I were to use a MAC, Bobbi Brown, Stilla etc. pencil then it would be better and work just fine. I personally like liquid more but I don't always JUST stick with that. A pencil that can be smudged looks PeRfEcT for a smokey eye. If you are using a pencil, don't worry, the trick still works and looks great!!!