Mac vs BFTE Foundation

$26 dollar MAC foundation vs $12 Beauty From the Earth.....which is better? Let's do a little experiment shall we?


Becky said...

I switched to mineral foundation about two years ago and really like it. I never thought I'd give up my regular foundation.

That size of jar will last FOREVER.. you don't think it will, but it does.

I'm currently using Bare Minerals and I got it as part of a starter kit that has two kab. brushes and a concealer brush.. having those brushes has made a big difference. So maybe look into getting something like that too..

I love that hers is $12 though.. I'll have to check it out. Can't wait for that review!

Camille Elise said...

Cool! I'm very interested to know the outcome.

Jenni said...

I too HIGHLY suggest a kabuki! World of difference =-)