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Codi made this comment under my tip about moisturizer. I think it is important for you all to hear =). Thanks Codi!!!!!

Ladies, this is something we address every time we do makeover events and finally Robert (the professional artist I work with) explained things in a way that completely made sense....
people with oily skin should definitely moisturize
#1: because all skin needs it and benefits from it
#2: and more importantly.... if you have oily skin and you're not using moisturizer you are causing your skin to become even oilier. Why? Because your skin needs hydration and if it's not getting it it will produce it own. Often when your skin has to compensate for your lack of moisturizing it will over-produce oil causing your oily skin situation to become even worse.
Also... what's easier to repair? Damage caused from lack of hydration, or using a tissue or blotter to take a little bit of oil off your skin?
Just something to think about. Also... many people who think they are oily are actually not so make sure to go through the steps to really find out your skin type so you can treat it properly. If you need to ask a professional!

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Melissa said...

Totally makes sense. Here's an article that I found very helpful. Maybe you've all seen it since it was on Yahoo, but it list 6 big skin-care mistakes a lot of people make. For anyone who wants to check it out go here http://health.yahoo.com/experts/skintype/13025/the-6-biggest-skin-care-mistakes/