MAC Starter Kit

First of all, Merry Christmas Eve =). I wanted to write down some things that if you are new to MAC then what you might want to look for when you go to start your collection. My MUST HAVES from MAC are: concealer, foundation and powder all in the Studio Fix. I like full coverage but you can get the mineralized powder for a more natural coverage.
Highlight Colors:
Vanilla, Naked Lunch, Mylar and for more specific looks I use Nylon or Crystal Avalanche.
Basic Needs:
Nehru, Carbon or Black Tied (blacks, Nehru=dark blue)
Embark (good for darker brows as a filler)
Blending MUSTS:
(choose one closest to your skin color)
Wedge (this is what I use most), Cork, Era, Samoa Silk or Soba
Fun Colors For Adventurers:
Chrome Yellow, Bitter and Electric Eel
Great Crease Colors (these are the ones I like and use a lot but it comes down to preference):
Humid, Trax, Deep Truth, Contrast, Coppering, and Parfait Amour.
Melon (best for blue or green eyes)
Teal (best for dark eyes)
Violet (best for dark eyes)
Remember they are best because they will make the eye pop more. I still LOVE the Melon pigment and I have dark eyes!!!
Paint Pots:
Painterly, Rubenesque, Soft Ochre or Bare Study (all neutrals). These are all for priming the lid and when you get into specific looks you can start buying different colors like blacks and greens.
This is ALL about personal preference but I would for SURE get Myth to matte your lips before any other color and if you are warmer toned, check out Jist.
Now for things that may look fun and are okay but I wouldn't recommend to start with and I kind of regret getting. You can get blush somewhere else cheaper and it's basically the same. The #190 brush for foundation. The #187 is 1000x better!!!!! Any of the shade sticks. The texture can make your eye look like a cracking desert...yuck. And no stick eyeliners even though they are super creamy, you can get them cheaper other places. I would, however get their fluid eyeliner that comes in a pot. EVERY color is amazing!!!!

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hey, how did the mascara test go? Was the voluminous great or not?